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Accucraft Daylight GS-4 - Adding Kadee #820 (#1 scale) coupler to front and tender: 


Accucraft doesn't supply working couplers for their engine so if you want working couplers you will need to install your own.  Kadee 820 couplers can be modified to work on both the front pilot and the tender.  Pictured is the Kadee 820 (before modification) with the original Accucraft coupler.

I cut the loop off the end of the 820 and filed the raised sections to be even with the main shaft and drilled a hole in the right location.  For the front coupler, I cut the metal (hose) extension off so it would fit properly.  The modification was duplicated for the back except the metal hose extension was left on.

And here is the result. 



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