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Took delivery today of my first Aristocraft Mallet.  This is the C&O version which is in all black with the Vanderbuilt tender.  To me, the all black scheme (with the smokebox black) gives the engine a nice look.



The other two Mallets arrived.  They are awaiting MTH DCS installs and the drivers painted black. 



The drivers on the front engine set on Mallet #1 are now painted black. 



The drivers on both engine sets on Mallet #1 are now painted black. 




All three Mallets have all their drives painted. 



Several years in the making, and it finally all came together.  Here are the three Mallets pulling my 60 car coal train.  (100ft long)



Aristocraft Mallet Videos:  


Note: if the video skips, right click on the link and select "save target as" and save it to your local drive, then play it.

                                              Select the version / quality you want to download:

   -  Video #1 - 3:23 mins  - UP Mallet

                   - 21MB/2100kbs - 10MB/1000kbs - 2MB/150kbs

   -  Video #2 - 3:54 mins  - Double-header + Pusher

                   - 59MB/2100kbs - 28MB/1000kbs - 4MB/150kbs

   -  Video #3- 4:00 mins  -  Double-header + Pusher

                                                            - 60MB/2100kbs - 29MB/1000kbs - 4MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #4- 2:36 mins  -  Double-header + Pusher

                                                            - 39MB/2100kbs - 19MB/1000kbs - 2MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #5- 3:23 mins  -  Double-header + Pusher

                                                            - 51MB/2100kbs - 25MB/1000kbs - 4MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #6- 2:46 mins  -  Test with MTH Smoke unit installed

                                                            - 41MB/2100kbs - 20MB/1000kbs - 3MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #7- 2:26 mins  -  Test with MTH Smoke unit installed #2 different smoke unit mod

                                                            - 37MB/2100kbs - 18MB/1000kbs - 3MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #8- 5:30 mins  -  Double-header + 60 coal hoppers + Pusher

                                                            - 83MB/2100kbs - 40MB/1000kbs - 6MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #9- 4:17 mins  -  Double-header + 60 coal hoppers + Pusher

                                                            - 65MB/2100kbs - 31MB/1000kbs - 5MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #10- 13:36 mins  -  Double-header + 60 coal hoppers + Pusher

                                                            - 15MB/150kbs

                                            - Video #11- 2:36 mins  -  N&W Steamboat whistle sound file test

                                                                         - 58MB/3000kbs - 21MB/1000kbs - 8MB/300kbs

                                            - Video #12- 5:24 mins  -  Test of new prototype smoke unit

                                                                         - 126MB/3000kbs - 47MB/1000kbs - 19MB/300kbs

                                            - Video #13- 2:27 mins  -  3 Mallets take on the coal train at the Great Plains Train Station

                                                            -  129MB/HD-HD-7000kbs - YouTube 1080p HD





                Mallet - test videos:

                                     -  Video #1 - 1:21 mins  -  DCS Speed test video

                                                            - 20MB/2100kbs - 10MB/1000kbs - 1MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #2 - 2:30 mins  -  Allegheny Sound file test #1

                                                            - 38MB/2100kbs - 18MB/1000kbs - 3MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #3- 4:05 mins  -  Allegheny Sound file test #2

                                                            - 62MB/2100kbs - 30MB/1000kbs - 4MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #4- 1:09 mins  -  Y6b Sound file test

                                                            - 17MB/2100kbs - 8MB/1000kbs - 1MB/150kbs

                                            -  Video #5- 3:03 mins  -  Allegheny Sound file test #3

                                                            - 46MB/2100kbs - 22MB/1000kbs - 3MB/150kbs

                                            - Video #11- 2:36 mins  -  N&W Steamboat whistle sound file test

                                                                         - 44MB/2000kbs - 25MB/1000kbs - 11MB/300kbs




Product Review:  (*Updated 08/25/2013*)

This is Aristocraft's first large articulated engine and think they scored very well.  The engine has an overall excellent look and runs great.  

The Aristocraft Mallet (1:29 scale) is priced at around $650 has all plastic frame, plastic boiler, mostly plastic detail parts, plastic gears with no sound system preinstalled.  This is at the lower end of the price range compared to the MTH Big Boy at $1000 and the USA Trains $3500.  While this engine has a little bit lower detail compared to the MTH and a lot compared to the USA Trains Big Boy (nothing compares to the USA Trains level of detail but nothing compares to the price either), you don't get the feeling you are missing anything when you see and run this engine in person.  It's 1:29 scale size gives it that 'Wow' factor you expect from G scale trains and has a very nice finished look. 

I own all three examples noted here (Mallet, USA Trains Big Boy and MTH Big Boy) and like all three.  With what Aristocraft was shooting for which was to go for as affordable an engine as possible but still retain the detail you want and expect for a G scale model I think they struck the right balance. 


Pull force: 

  • Aristocraft Mallet=2.5 lbs
  • MTH Big Boy=7.5 lbs
  • USA Big Boy=8 lbs

Engine Weight:  (excluding tender)

  • Aristocraft Mallet=15 lbs
  • MTH Big Boy=18 lbs
  • USA Big Boy=45 lbs







This engine is more nicely detailed than the much older Pacific and Mikado offerings.  Most of the detail parts are made of plastic but it doesn't detract from the appearance in any way.  The engine is massive and has a great look.


The drivers are unpainted, solid metal and none have traction tires.  This lack of traction tires limits the engines pulling ability and will need to have weight added in order to pull longer loads up steeper grades.  Despite the drivers not being painted, the engine still looks very good!


Connecting rods:
Are all metal, but do not transmit driving forces as that is handled within the drivetrain itself.


The engine has no real suspension to speak of but it doesn't impact the appearance of the engine as it runs.  It looks very smooth running over many types of track conditions.


This engine is a win for the consumer looking for an affordable big articulated G scale engine.  Any areas that lack detail or other touches compared to the MTH or USA Trains Big Boy, are more than made up for in it's significantly lower cost and you are more than impressed with the overall excellent look and impressive size when you finally have it in front of you.  I feel with this engine you get a lot for the money and if are thinking of buying one encourage you to do so, you won't regret it, I didn't.  :) 




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