LGB Mikado Modifications & Repair page:






Engine running slow / Motor overheating:


The two LGB mikados I've had the opportunity to operate suffered from an issue of not being able to pull an even moderate load for very long (even on level track) before it would gradually start to run slower and slower to the point where it would stop. (clear sign of an overheated motor)  After the engine was allowed to cool down, it would run again do the same thing.  Eventually the motors failed in both engines. 


Upon inspection for repair I found the reason why the motors were overheating, from the factory they are encased completely within the plastic frame of the engine with no ability to breathe and dissipate heat. (which is not a good idea)



Motor housing: (before modification)

Green: motor contact surface

Orange: Side supports




To gain access to the motor area, the engine drive set needs to be removed from the engine and the screws holding the plastic motor housing lid removed.  Once off you can remove the motor and get full access to the motor area. 


Next step was to drill and cut out openings to allow for adequate heat dissipation.  Based on the location of the motor pressure tabs I cut the following openings in the bottom of the frame and lid.  The cuts were also made in a way so as to ensure the structural strength of the frame was not compromised or the housing's ability to hold the motor securely and not allow it to rotate because of torque. 



After modification:








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