Just took delivery of 9 American Freedom coach passenger cars with one observation car on order.


MTH Item #'s: (all product #'s for AFT cars)


Great looking car for the money and well designed.  Changing lights (if ever necessary) will be much easier compared to the Aristocraft heavyweights.





Quick Additional Info:

Overall the car is well designed, simple to take apart & reassemble.  The MTH cars are a lot lighter than the Aristocraft Heavyweight, but don't roll as easily because of the use of inside the wheel power pickups. 

The interiors are nicely detailed and has the paint has a satin finish that matches the engine. 

The power feed connection from the car body to the roof is made by two copper springs. (see last picture)

The interior lighting is very full and complete with the provided 18volt bulbs.  (The pictures below are with 24volts applied.)  (The 14v lights in the Heavyweight are capped at 12volts with a regulator.) 


The truck wheel power pickups are connected to the car wiring through a removable connector and has a true spring suspension like the heavyweights.


The car is ready to accept Kadee couplers with the provided three mounting holes.  To remove the existing coupler arm, you can simply unscrew it from the truck.  You have to physically cut the arms off the heavyweights.




Up-close detail photos: (ATSF Version)

Follow the discussion at:  http://www.gscaletrainforum.com/index.php?/topic/287-mth-passenger-car-photos/



American Freedom Train Videos:  

(Right-click and save-as the video before you play and it will run smoother.)

                                              Select the version / quality you want to download:


 -  Lead Cam #1(Full video) - 10:57 mins  -  camera on flatcar behind tender

                       -  166MB/2100kbs - 80MB/1000kbs - 12MB/150kbs






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