MTH: Big Boy (2015/2017/2018) Packaging page:

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See Sales and Pricing page for availability: Sales and Pricing - MTH One Gauge


MTH Big Boy Packaging:   MTH One Gauge Big Boy w/Protosound 2 - Protosound 3 - DCS - 70-3009-1  - 70-3026-1


See below for packaging reference photos. 


***It is CRITICAL that all bolts and posts be used when shipping this engine!  Do not discard or attempt to ship without the original mounting hardware!***


Place to add smoke fluid for smoking whistle.  Be advised the smoking whistle smoke unit is VERY small and can't take must fluid before it is overfilled.

Smoking whistle refill hole & plug


Big Boy Main smoke unit vs smoking whistle unit:


Front Truck installation pictures:

Also see owners manual:  BigBoy-Manual-70st18262i.pdf  (Note a new manual was NOT created for 2020/2021 model year)



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