MTH Challenger/Big Boy - G scale Kadee #789 coupler added to the Front: 

The Challenger & Big Boy both come with a non-functioning #1 scale size coupler on the front.  Not an issue unless you plan to do some sort of lash-up behind another engine or consist. 

After a bit of modifying I was able to install a Kadee #789 on the front and eliminate the fake one.





To accomplish this, you need to pull the pin holding the coupler assembly in place.  (from the bottom)  It is very difficult to remove and had to slowly work it out with a twisting motion.

Once out, the Kadee #789 can be modified with a dremel and a file to drill a new hole and file it down so it fits through the front opening. 

The Kadee uncoupler arm needs to be cut off smooth with the bottom of the coupler. 

One benefit from this modification is the coupler assembly is now tight enough to keep from working it's way open after running the engine a while.


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