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Model Info:


Model Overview:

The GS-4/ GS-2 was MTH's second set of new steam engines produced. 





MTH GS-4 (Daylight) - Photos:



Today I took delivery of the new MTH GS-4 Daylight.



Removed the white-wall paint on the wheels and drivers.



Photos from MTH's website:





MTH Daylight Colorization:  (Applies to Pre-2017 models)

The Pre-2017 Daylight colors have a florescent tone to them, particularly in direct sunlight.  This picture illustrates the difference of the color between the MTH vs. the Accucraft version of the 4449 Daylight. 

This colorization used in the Pre-2017 Daylight engines was/is used in the MTH O gauge engines. 

The below picture is from MTH's 2004 catalog.



One more picture (slightly overexposed) highlighting it's florescence:  (this is about what the engine looks like in bright sunlight.)


A few more photos showing the colors of the engine.


 MTH Daylight Videos:  


Note: if the video skips, right click on the link and select "save target as" and save it to your local drive, then play it.

                                              Select the version / quality you want to download:

   -  Test Run #1 - 3:09 mins  -  Basement line test run

                   - 47MB/2100kbs - 23MB/1000kbs - 3MB/150kbs


   -  Test Run #2 - 2:01 mins  -  Night-time running outside

                  - 30MB/2100kbs - 15MB/1000kbs - 2MB/150kbs


                                            -  Test Run #3 - 6:35 mins  - GS-4 & Challenger double-headed on feeder line

                                                            - 102MB/2100kbs - 49MB/1000kbs - 7MB/150kbs


                                     -  Test Run #4  - 10:23 mins  - Inside basement test with Challenger

                                                            - 166MB/2100kbs - 79MB/1000kbs - 12MB/150kbs 




Here is what the engine looks like disassembled.  Because of my dissatisfaction with the colors, I explored repainting the engine (A project I eventually abandoned)     

(Click on the picture to see additional photos)


Colors looked at for consideration were: 16-159 CP Action Red and 16-158 CP Action Yellow

The below chart can be found here:


The next color chart is of the Scalecoat model paints:



Other charts have I have found are as follows: - Model Flex: A different line of Badger paints




Here, the smoke box was painted with Floquil engine black.  Felt there was too much grey in the color, but after taking the masking tape off, it seems to look better and darker blended with the surrounding black of the engine.  If I was to do it over again, I might have gone with the Tamiya Acrylic flat black I found, but this should do nicely. 

With the smokebox painted black, the engine has a totally different look in my opinion.  The cab ladders and cab deflector windows have been painted with Tamiya Acrylic semi-gloss black and matches the original MTH finish perfectly.

(Click on the picture below to see additional repaint photos)



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