Here it is with smoke box repainted.



I decided to reassemble the engine so I can run it while I finish researching the red paint color, which I think I've found.  The firebox still needs to be painted black and will be using the Floquil engine black on it as well.

Note the first two photos have test strips painted with the custom mixture I think I've settled on using for the repaint.  It is a red-orange that seems to go with the MTH Yellow color pretty well.



Below are some pics of the custom paint mix I've come up with that I think I may use on the engine.  Finally!



I've been working on the MTH American Freedom GS4 and had the Daylight upside down working with it too.  While upside down, the smoke-box was coated with smoke fluid (mineral oil) and took all of the grey tone out of the finish and is now pitch black.  Looks better now than it did before.  This is what I was originally trying to achieve with the repaint.  I'll take being lucky over being good any day.



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