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The Hudson is part of MTH's very first One Gauge steam offerings. 





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This engine was just added to the roster.  As far as a few initial thoughts, the engine has great detail, runs smooth & silent (with no motor or gear noise) and has great sound and smoke output is excellent.   The engine has a solid and high quality feel to it.  The axle, gears and connecting rods are all metal(as is used on the Challenger) and the motor has a ball-bearing on the worm gear output shaft for long life and durability.

It is with this engine that you may really notice the size difference in the 1:32 scale.   

Overall, it was a good purchase and am glad to have it in the roster.  

Some additional pictures:  (Inaugural run on the newly completed 2006 track expansion)



Hudson Videos:  

(Right-click and save-as the video before you play and it will run smoother.)

                                              Select the version / quality you want to download:


 -  Lead Cam #1(Full video) - 14:23 mins  -  camera on flatcar behind tender

                       -  218MB/2100kbs - 106MB/1000kbs - 16MB/150kbs

                -  Lead Cam #1(Part 1 of 4) - 5:00 mins - camera on flatcar behind tender

                                   -  75MB/2100kbs - 36MB/1000kbs - 5MB/150kbs

                -  Lead Cam #1(Part 2 of 4) - 3:38 mins - camera on flatcar behind tender

                                                                            -  55MB/2100kbs - 26MB/1000kbs - 4MB/150kbs

                                                         -  Lead Cam #1(Part 3 of 4) - 2:16 mins - camera on flatcar behind tender

                                                                            -  34MB/2100kbs - 16MB/1000kbs - 2MB/150kbs

                                                         -  Lead Cam #1(Part 4 of 4) - 3:41 mins - camera on flatcar behind tender

                                                                            -  55MB/2100kbs - 27MB/1000kbs - 4MB/150kbs


                                            -  Lead Cam #2 - 5:18 mins  -  camera on flatcar behind tender

                                                                -  80MB/2100kbs - 39MB/1000kbs - 6MB/150kbs


                                            -  Lead Cam #3 - 1:12 mins  -  Smoke Unit wicks replaced

                                                                -  18MB/2100kbs - 9MB/1000kbs - 1MB/150kbs





                             You can find additional videos on the Garden Railroad Videos page:    



Read about the modifications done to this engine at the Modification link below.


Garden Railroad Modification, Repair & Maintenance



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