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The One Gauge Triplex has more complex packaging than the other models and this page is provided as a supplement to the .PDF file MTH provided on how to package a Triplex correctly for shipping.



Some additional important key notes to ensure safe shipping are:

  1. Protect smoke box door from damage:  In the cut-out around the front headlight, cutout the area noted in green so there is a lot more air space between the top, front and bottom of the headlight.  This will eliminate the chance the smoke box door will be broken due to a hard impact.
  1. Protect tender trailing truck from damage:  Remove the trailing truck on the Tender, put the screws and washers back in where they originally went and carefully pack the trailing truck in another available isolated area in the box. This will  ensure the trailing truck is not broken during shipping.

  1. Tie down front engine set from moving:   Install pull ties around the front engine set.  MTH in later shipments was carefully adding two that went around the top side of the front engine set and down around the outside and outside bottom of the grey metal shipping frame.  This helps to hold the front engine set down against the metal frame and from allowing undue pressure on the boiler above or the steps on the front of the pilot.  If you do this step you will want to make sure you don't put pressure on delicate metal or plastic detail parts around the sides of the engine set so add and route them carefully.

  1. Cut out notches for rear tender steps to avoid rear tender step damage:

    The rear steps don't have enough clearance with the metal shipping frame and will see impact forces in shipping causing breakage.  Cutting these notches is critical to avoid the steps from shattering.


  2. Actual shipping:   I recommend you double box the engine with extra packing material around all sides and add "Fragile", "This End Up", and "DO NOT STAND ON END" stickers around the top edge of all sides of the shipping box.
  3. Overall, I would only send this engine via Air Freight and don't send via Ground service.  If you don't double box then I would for sure ONLY send this via Air Freight.



Detail photos of packaging:




Read about the modifications done to this engine at the Modification link below.


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