Here is the initial delivery.  16 tubes of 8' straight rail, 4 boxes of ties (qty 800) and four boxes of 20' diameter curve track. (All stainless steel.)   4 free 8' tubes and 1 box of 20' curves are on their way from Aristocraft.



Eight of the 16 tubes delivered are assembled and ready to go.  Pretty time consuming. 


Almost 18 of the tubes are assembled with only a little over two left to go.  I'm out of tie sections and won't be able to finish till the rest of the ties I ordered is delivered.  *Whew!*   Within a week and a half Aristocraft delivered the free track.  Thanks Aristo!



The 85 Hardiplanks (5/4 boards) have been purchased along with the 17 rolls of rolled roofing.  Half of the clamps are on their way, the rest are on backorder.



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