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Train Animation Updated news: 


-09/06/2014-  MTH Smoke units (G scale) available (Very Limited quantities)

                            - For anyone looking for MTH G scale smoke units I have a very limited quantity available for purchase.  Please contact me at my email address above to purchase.  



-09/29/2013-  New G Scale discussion forum online!

                            - A new online train discussion forum has formed and is online at:  www.gscaletrainforum.com

                              Forum is open to the friendly discussion of any and all G scale products, come join us! 


-09/11/2013-  Formation of Ray's Electric Trainworks!

It's my pleasure to announce the formation of Ray's Electric Trainworks as a fully Authorized MTH Dealer and Service Center able to provide full Sales, Service and Repair for the MTH Electric Trains product line.  

Services I provide includes:  (But not limited to)

        - Sales and service of all MTH Electric Train products

        - Specialize in obtaining needed repair parts for any engine.  Keep many key parts in-stock or try to give quick turnaround on ordering.

        - Any type of repairs (mechanical, electronic, model body, etc) for all MTH or non-MTH engine/rolling stock.

        - Complete battery conversion services: Conversion of engines to run on battery power, battery installs, TIU installs in cars, rolling stock and engine units

        - Installs of MTH DCS Protosound 2/3 in non-MTH engines.  (Ability to take new non-MTH engine work is currently limited)

        - Custom electronic and engine work/modifications for all Largescale engines.


Please email at: Index 2 picture if you need any help or assistance. 



Please see my MTH Inventory & Pricing pages here:

MTH - One Gauge - (Pricing and stock list) - (Updated Daily)

MTH - O-Gauge - (Email for Pricing)

    - Clearance item:  #30-4208-1 (PS3.0 Ready to run set - New in Box) - $250.00

MTH One Gauge Catalogs:  2001(see page 90) - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2010 - 2013  



New news and development from MTH:  (Updated 10/22/2014)



10/22/2014  - DCS Wifi module has been announced   (Control your trains with Android or iOS device) 

                   (*Click here for more info*)


                   2014 TCA Meet - MTH w/Mike Wolf  (Wifi module discussed at time 6:50)




9/09/2014  - MTH has released DCS Loader (Consumer version) v2.34   (PC Software for computer to upload firmware to TIU/Remote or upload/download sound files to engines.

                   (*Click here for more info and to download*)


3/26/2014  - MTH has released DCS v4.30   (Firmware for Remote and TIU

                   (NOTE: I am recommending you hold off upgrading to 4.30 till next update is released.  Stay with 4.20 for now.)  (*Click here for more info and to download*)


3/10/2013  - Demo of DCS control with iPad/Android tablet/phone: 

                   (Note: Still in Beta testing but will be avail from MTH and www.hikeltrains.com  soon.)

Additional info:



Past updates: (Click here for news/update history)


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            To see my photo galleries or info/help pages see the following links:


Train Animation Raymond's Garden Railroad & Train show Displays: 



Train Animation Garden Railroad:   Photos&Videos / Repair & Modifications / Track & Layout /Track & Battery power


Train Animation Garden Railroad:  MTH DCS System              

                           - What is DCS?

                           - TIU  -  Wireless Remote  -  AIU  -  Wifi Module  -  Protosound boards   -  Smoke units

                           - Complete video overview series on operating Protosound equipped engines with DCS (Remote and TIU)

                                    - PFA (Passenger/Freight Announcements)

                                    - Protocast feature  (Allows you to connect a CD or MP3 player into the TIU and play music through your engine's speaker)

                                    - Proto-Dispatch feature  (Allows you to connect a separate microphone and talk through your train's speaker with your own voice)

                                    - Smoking/Quillable Whistle 

                           - Complete photo overview and breakdown of remote and menu options

                           - Operation of PS3 (Protosound 3) equipped engines under DCC


                          See this page for information on:

                           - Checklist for getting started running Protosound engines and DCS

                           - Signal / Communication tips and help

                                    - Quick summary / Checklist on quickly resolving track signal issues

                           - Upgrading Remote and TIU Software

                           - Changing Sound file in engine

                           - Other comprehensive discussion and analysis


                       News and updates:

                           - New Solid State Bulb Replacement Device - *Now available for purchase*

                           - New TIU Rev L - Information & Test results


Train Animation Ray's Electric Trainworks:  Products & Services

                               See this page for information on:

                           - Conversion of Aristocraft, USA Trains, etc to run under MTH DCS Protosound 2/3

                       See this page for information on:

                           - Conversion of any engines to run under Battery Power with MTH DCS Protosound 2/3 (or any other control system).

                                 - After battery conversion you will be able to run your engine three ways:

                                        1) Under battery power 

                                        2) Under track power with TIU in car behind engine 

                                        3) Under track power with TIU (in car but off train) connected at fixed location on track.


             News and updates: (Updated 11/19/2010)

                        - USA Hudson - Upgrade motors now available!  (two versions)

                                   -  Premium: ($175) Allows higher prototypical top speed for your DCS and DCC conversions w/lifetime ball bearings and shaft for flywheel installations

                                   -  Upgrade: ($150) w/lifetime ball bearings and shaft for flywheel installations (offers same top speed as original factory USA Trains motor)

                        - New Solid State Bulb Replacement Device - *Now available for purchase*

                                   -  Improve track DCS track signal without using light bulbs


Train Animation Real Train photos:


Train Animation Misc Personal Photos and Video -  (*Updated 09/09/2014*)

Train Animation Links to other websites


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