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Model Info:    (Product first announced Feb 2005, Delivered June 2007)


Model Overview:

The Largest G scale engine ever made. 





USA Trains - Big Boy - Repair/Modifications:

Modifications/Topics list:








Engine shorting out / Running loud - (due to motor failure):


A USA Hudson was presented to me for repair with the symptom of running loudly with shorting only while moving.  The problem turned out to be a failed motor due to the friction bearing on the worm gear side of the motor had worn to the point where the motor armature was getting far enough out of alignment to physically impact the motor magnets.  This item is posted on the Big Boy page because this could be similar issue with the Big Boy motor if heavily run and not lubricated.





If you own either the Hudson or the Big Boy I would recommend taking the time to put a drop (not a lot!) of good quality oil on each end of the motor bearings.  Keeping the bearings lubricated should go a long ways to delaying this sort of wear and eventual failure.






See the video below for example of this condition:



              - 67MB/7000kbs - YouTube 1080 HD







(Note: if the .mp4 video skips, right click on the link and select "save target as" and save it to your local drive, then play it.)





Wheel power pickup manufacturing issue (Short potential):



A short potential exists where the wheel power pickups are not in the correct location in the frame casting and are out of position enough where they can/will make contact with the driver itself, not just the metal tire.  The engine's electrical isolation for the wheels is between the tire and the driver so the brush can bridge that insulator and create a short.  USA Trains is aware of the issue and may hopefully correct in future production runs of the engine. 

See this link for full detail write-up and photos including a proposed fix:








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