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Welcome to Ray's Electric Trainworks 

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Ray's Electric Trainworks is a fully Authorized MTH Dealer and Service Center able to provide full Sales, Service, Parts and Repair for the entire MTH Electric Trains product line.  

Services provided includes:  (But not limited to)

        - Sales and service of all MTH Electric Train products (Includes all scales: O Gauge, One Gauge, S Gauge, *HO on a limited basis*)

                - Provide fast & knowledgeable top level in-house service, repair and technical support for everything sold.  You are not just sent back to the manufacturer for help/repair.

                  Where you buy from really does matter.

        - Specialize in stocking key repair parts (motors, PS1, 2, 3 boards, power pickups, couplers, etc) for quick repair turn-around and usually ship same day for part orders.

        - Protosound 1 to PS2/3 upgrades &  PS2 5v to 3v upgrades

        - Any type of repairs (mechanical, electrical, model body, etc) for all MTH or non-MTH engine/rolling stock.

        - TIU Repair

        - Complete battery install/conversion services (One gauge/G scale): Conversion of engines to run on battery power, battery installs, TIU installs in cars, rolling stock and engine units

        - Installs of MTH DCS Protosound 2/3 in non-MTH engines. 

        - Custom electronic and engine work/modifications for all Largescale engines.




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Train Animation News & Updates: 




-  12/12/2018 - MTH One Gauge SD70ACe to be released  *More Info*  *Purchase*

-  5/9/2018 - MTH One Gauge Big Boys new production run (4014, 4006, 4017, 4018, 4023) *More Info*  *Purchase*

-  2/8/2018 - DCS Explorer - Track Interface Unit w/Wi-Fi - Now in-stock- *More Info*  *Purchase*

-  1/27/2018 - Aristocraft / LGB / USA Trains / Other  -  G scale for sale

-  11/1/2017 - DCS 6.10 *Released*  *More information @ Gscaletrainforum.com*


-  1/4/2017-  MTH One Gauge catalog released  *More information @ Gscaletrainforum.com*

                      -  Download catalog:  MTH One Gauge Catalog - 2017

                      -  *Includes new production run of One Gauge GS-4 / GS-2 with die cast metal chassis and other upgrades*


-  12/27/2016-  Premium version of Wi-Fi App delivery updated to Feb 2017    *More information @ Gscaletrainforum.com*


-  1/1/2016-  Sell your bad/failed Protosound 2 (5v&3v) & PS3 boards for $20.00 each    *Email for more information*


-  9/06/2014-  MTH Smoke units (G scale) available (Limited quantities)

                            - For anyone looking for MTH G scale smoke units I have a very limited quantity available for purchase.  Please contact me at my email address above to purchase.  


-  9/29/2013-  New G Scale discussion forum online!

                            - A new online train discussion forum has formed and is online at:  www.gscaletrainforum.com

                              Forum is open to the friendly discussion of any and all G scale products, come join us! 




Please see our MTH Product and Service pages here:

Sales and Pricing

        - Includes: MTH Product listings, DCS System components, PS2/3 Boards, Cable sets, Smoke fluid, Parts, Accessories, Other G scale parts)

Service / Repair / PS2&3 Upgrades / Custom Services

        - Protosound 2/3 Installs & Upgrades (G scale & O gauge)

        - Repairs of any kind, type or manufacturer

Battery Installs   (Includes MTH Protosound 2/3 and Battery Installs)

        - Battery Power Installs/Conversions (G scale/One Gauge)





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Train Animation Ray's Electric Trainworks:  Products & Services

                               See this page for information on:

                           - Protosound 2/3 Installs & Upgrades (G scale & O gauge)

                           - Repairs of any kind, type or manufacturer

                           - Battery Power Installs/Conversions (G scale/One Gauge)


                       See this page for information on:

                           - Conversion of any engines to run under Battery Power with MTH DCS Protosound 2/3 (or any other control system).



             News and updates:

                        - USA Hudson - Upgrade motors now available!  (two versions)

                                   -  Premium: ($175) Allows higher prototypical top speed for your DCS and DCC conversions w/lifetime ball bearings and shaft for flywheel installations

                                   -  Upgrade: ($150) w/lifetime ball bearings and shaft for flywheel installations (offers same top speed as original factory USA Trains motor)

                        - Solid State Layout Tuner - *Now available for purchase*

                                   -  Improve track DCS track signal without using light bulbs



Train Animation MTH DCS System & Protosound (PS2 / PS3)

                           - What is MTH DCS and Protosound 2 or 3?

                           - TIU  -  Wireless Remote  -  AIU  -  Wi-Fi Module  -  Protosound boards   -  Smoke units

                           - Complete video overview series on operating Protosound equipped engines with DCS (Remote and TIU)

                                    - PFA (Passenger/Freight Announcements)

                                    - Protocast feature  (Allows you to connect a CD or MP3 player into the TIU and play music through your engine's speaker)

                                    - Proto-Dispatch feature  (Allows you to connect a separate microphone and talk through your train's speaker with your own voice)

                                    - Smoking/Quillable Whistle 

                           - Complete photo overview and breakdown of remote and menu options

                           - Operation of PS3 (Protosound 3) equipped engines under DCC


                          See this page for information on:

                           - Checklist for getting started running Protosound engines and DCS

                           - Signal / Communication tips and help

                                    - Quick summary / Checklist on quickly resolving track signal issues

                           - Upgrading Remote and TIU Software

                           - Changing Sound file in engine

                           - Other comprehensive discussion and analysis


                       News and updates:

                           - Solid State Layout Tuner - *Now available for purchase*

                           - New TIU Rev L - Information & Test results





Train Animation Garden Railroad:   Photos&Videos / Repair & Modifications / Track & Layout / Track & Battery power



Train Animation Garden Railroad & Train show Displays: 


Train Animation Real Train photos:




American Flag animation           

      Comments, questions or suggestions?  Please email at:  Index 2 picture                 




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